Share Your World – 2015 – Week #5

1. Do you prefer shopping or going to a park?

It depends upon the situation. I like to shop if I have the money and the stamina. If I don’t have the stamina, but I still have the money, then online shopping is fine with me.

Having said that, going to a park is great anytime. In fact, where I live is like living in a park! I will post photos here on my blog soon. I have a surprise to share with you all!

2. If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

I would probably be a clog. Something nice and stylish, but still comfortable and easy to slip on. And not too high. I have a tendency to lose my balance.

3. What is the story behind a time when you got locked out?

I can’t remember how I got locked out, but my boys and I went out to dinner at a local diner and it was summer, so we decided to walk. When we got back, we were locked out of the house! And my windows were almost thief-proof. Almost.

However, I seemed to have reared a little thief-in-the-making in my younger son, as he was quickly through his bedroom window and had us back in our home.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Seems a neighbor saw the illicit behavior, knew my hubby #2 and I were going through a divorce and I was trying to sell my house, and called the police!

Then the police came down and I had to prove who I was before they let me go back into my own house! Because of his record, they were ready to haul Junior off to Juvenile Detention, and they were threatening to send James to live with his dad.

Finally, one of the cops recognized me, and started talking to me about hubby #2 and all the toys (motorcycle, sandrail, etc.) and when I was able to verify what happened to them, they dropped everything.

4.Do you prefer eating food with nuts or no nuts?

I love nuts, but since I have false teeth, I can’t eat with my teeth in, so I can’t eat them. But I’m getting a new Vitamix that can grind my nuts up, so I can at least get the protein out of them!

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to in the week to come?

I am grateful for the internet and my telephone finally being installed in my new place of residence! So grateful! To Centurylink, to hubby, most especially to the Lord, the Giver of all good things. And I am looking forward to getting together with some ladies from my church and maybe some others, to learn how to can spaghetti sauce. And we’re even having a spaghetti dinner that we can bring our hubbies to!

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