I am a woman with a story to tell.  So I write books.  And I tell the stories of my life through my poetry, my faith and my joy, despite the depths of sorrow and the challenges I have been called to bear.

Having been gifted with two beautiful sons, I ran from the violence of a knife to my throat, seeking solace in the west, where I found new life and purpose until the unimaginable happened.  In six months’ time I lost my then-husband to another woman, my job, my house, and then June 9, 1991, my younger son, Junior was killed by a drunk driver.  I was devastated, crushed.

My older son, James, and I packed up and moved back home.  We slowly rebuilt our lives and I met and married the love of my life!  Then tragedy struck again.  A drunk driver killed my James, June 24,1995.

Still, my Heavenly Father is good to me.  My wonderful husband has seen me through it all.  He has helped me to heal from past wounds and subsequent three strokes.  I don’t know that one ever heals from the loss of a child, let alone your only children, but my faith lets me know that this is not the end, that I will be with them again some day.

And until then, I have a life to live.  I have a story to tell.


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  1. Iam pretty honored, you choose me, to get connected. Iam looking forward to read more about your stories and hope you find something on my blog which is intresting:) Lots of love Marci x

  2. Your story is heartbreaking but your spirit is admirable. Slovakia has a zero tolerance for alcohol in the blood when driving, which means that nobody thinks they are ok to drive after a few drinks. It makes so much more sense.

    1. It would be so nice if it was that way here in the US, but there are too many lobbyists from the beer and alcohol companies, too much high pressure on the politicians. I doubt I will see that in my life. Thanks for your kind words.

      1. Ironically, alcohol as an industry here is thriving – a million options for all types of alcohol here and regular consumption…just not while driving.

  3. I love your spirit, ma’am ! I am from India and drink-driving is a serious issue here but nothing has really happened to change it. It’s sad, but your spirit puts a smile on everyone’s face, including mine.
    I’m no one to say this, and I’m much younger than you, but good luck with everything ma’am and hold on to your spirit forever.
    Looking forward to your posts !


  4. Your heartrending story really got to me, as did your sheer determination to fight on. I can fully understand why you were nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award. I wish you continued joy with your new husband and success in your writing.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
    You are an amazing woman and yes, you do have a life and a story to tell.
    I also lost a child – hurt beyond belief – but we go on and His strength and grace is wonderfully amazing.
    I’m looking forward to your story – your life – many blessings to you on your writing journey.
    cate b

  6. My heart aches for your pain – but my love of our Heavenly Father rejoices with you. You are a true woman of God and may your words bless and encourage others who go through life’s tragedies.

    1. Thank you! I guess I need to be getting them all written, then! I am working on it. I will be posting more on my process, so you know where I am, and how close I am to publication.

    1. I sure appreciate this. Yes, I have been nominated for it, but I haven’t had opportunity to respond to it. I need to do an awards page. Perhaps I will do that today. Again, many thanks.

  7. Betty,

    For some reason the sadness in your life missed me the first time around. Maybe when you started the blog you did not have all the details. Certainly I can appreciate the need to write your story and to reflect on the good times.

  8. Wow! I haven’t read any posts yet, but I am already impressed with your attitude and faith from learning about you. I’m a young mom myself, and I can’t imagine the pain of losing one child, let alone all of them. Thank you for helping others see the good in the world!

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